Defense Elements

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If you ever split the ice so that forwards and defense can work on specific drills, this is a great drill to do with the defense. Place the pucks behind the net and the two cones just outside the face off dots and just below the goal line.  Place one player on the boards just below the hash marks, one player at the blue line along the boards, one player in front of the net, and the rest of the players form a line behind the net.  D1 begins by skating out from behind the net with a puck and makes a pass to D2. D2 mkaes a quick pass up to D3.  D3 receives the pass along the boards and walks to the middle to take a shot on net.  D4 is in front of the net for a screen or tip. Meanwhile D1 continues to skate around the cone and back to the net to pick up another puck.  They skate around the other cone maintaining control of the puck and back behind the net to make another breakout pass to D2.  D2 makes another pass to D3, who has sprinted back to the boards to receive the pass and repeat the same thing. Each player makes three repetitions and then the players rotate positions.  D1 takes the place of D2, D2 moves to D3's positions, D3 moves in front of the net, and D4 goes to the end of the line.

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