Decision Time 2 on 1

Decision Time 2 on 1

This drill works on decision making in a 2 on 1 situation. The drill is great for station based or ADM type practices as it requires only one quarter of the ice.

Place two lines of players as shown in the diagram and place a border or obstacle just inside the blue slightly higher than the top of the circle. A coach should be placed at about the dot.

The drill starts with P1 carrying a puck straight ahead into the zone and then making a sharp cut towards the middle in front of the pad. Player two also skates straight ahead and then makes a sharpp cut towards Player 1 to receive a drop pass. Player 2 will receive the drop pass, go around the pad, and then make a decision to pass or keep the puck based on the coaches action. If the coach pressures Player 2 then they pass the puck. If the coach takes away the pass then player 2 carries the puck and shoots on net.

Coaching Points

  • Players should make sharp turns so they are moving horizontally across the ice when making the drop pass.
  • Drop pass should be to Player 2's forehand.
  • Player 2 needs to have eyes on coach to read the situation.
  • Make sure both players stop at net for rebound.


  1.  Coach playing defense can be switched to be a player.
  2. You can remove the barrier to allow a defencemen to come up and pivot in that space.


jbona on 1/24/2019


JBarnard on 1/2/2019

we can do this on both sides in as many corners (three perhaps) after skating drills...


dennisaldrich on 1/1/2019

Nice scissor drill

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