Cross Over Passing Station

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The two areas of focus in this drill are passing and receiving in stride as well as drop passes.  There are several variations and progressions of this drill, this one is the first and most basic.  Set up the drill with two nets at the edge of the circles as shown in the diagram.  Player 1 starts the drill by carrying the puck forward and making a pass to player 2 between the nets.  Both players will then go behind the net, player 2 will now make a drop pass to player 1's forehand as they cross behind the net.  As the players go around the net back towards the lines, player 1 makes another pass to player two, in stride, between the nets.  One more time the players cross behind the net, again player 2 makes the drop pass to the forehand of player 1.  Player 1 makes another pass back to player two between the nets and then the players stay at the other end. The player switch lines each time so they get repetitions making and receiving both types of passes.

The passes between the nets should be made in stride.  The drop passes behind the net should  be made so that the receiving player is picking up the puck on their forehand.  It should not be passed but really just set in space for the player to easily pick it up on their forehand.

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