Corner Tires 1 vs 1 Multiple Games 1/6 Ice Station

Corner Tires 1 vs 1 Multiple Games 1/6 Ice Station diagram

This a variation of the Corner Tires game that is great for a sixth ice station. In this version the players play 1 vs 1 but there are multiple games going on at one time so players still need to play with an awareness. It is up to the coach to decide if they want to allow for 2 or 3 games to be going at once.

Set Up

Place a tire in each corner of the station as shown in the diagram. The coach has the pucks on the edge of the station with players lined up on each side.

How the game is played

The coach starts by dumping a puck into play. The first two players will compete for the puck. The objective is to hit one of the tires on your opponents side. If a player hits a tire then their opponent picks up the loose puck and continues the play. Coaches blow the whistle after 60 - 90 seconds and all the player go back to line and the coach begins a new round. Players can keep track of how many times they hit their opponents tire.

Credit: animation produced using Hockey Coach Vision.

Supporting Fundamentals

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