Continuous Chip Drill

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This drill allows wingers a chance to work on one of the more important jobs for a winger, the ability to get the puck out of the zone when the puck has been thrown around the boards.  To set up the drill, line up the forwards on the face off dot.  The pucks should be with the coach in the opposite corner.  To start the drill the coach will shoot a puck around the boards.  F1 skates into the slot and around the cone.  F2 goes to the boards to control the puck.  F2 needs to gain control and create some seperation so they can chip the puck high off the boards where it will end up in the neutral zone.  F1 times their break to pick up the puck and skate to the other end for a shot.  After F2 chips the puck out of the zone, they then skate into the slot and around the cone.  F3 then steps to the baords to control the next puck that the coach has shot around the boards. 


Spadorcia on 9/24/2019

Good warm up for players and goallies

NorthJerseyPhoenix on 11/28/2018

Chip drill

meaford on 8/31/2015

Good drill for the wingers.

Need to start teaching the wingers the importance of time and space. A chip out scenario is a good way to introduce this topic. Making good decisions on the wall must be emphasized. 

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