Continuous 1 on 1 Backchecking Drill

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This is actually a great compete and conditioning drill. To set up this drill place an equal number of players in opposite corners. One coach in each corner with pucks should be in the corner with the players. For the first repetition of the drill have a backchecker start near the coach on the goal line and the offensive player at the hash marks along the wall. On the whistle the coach will pass to the player on the hash marks and the backchecker will backcheck against the offensive player. The backchecker will backceheck all the way to the front of the net and then become the offensive player back towards the end they started when the coach plays a new puck out towards the blue line. At that point the next player in line will become the backchecker. The play continues back and forth.


sebastiengrenier on 11/21/2018

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