Center Timing Drill

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Forwards, especially centers, need to understand the importance of timing in the defensive and neutral zone.  Centers who have a good understanding of timing will make themselves available to receive a good pass from the defense in both of these areas.  In addition to the forwards timing, this drill gives the defense a chance to work on their passing to each other and moving the puck up to the forwards in both of these zones.

Set up a line of forwards at the blue line with pucks.  D1 and D2 should be set up along the goal line aligned with the face offf dots.  D3 and D4 should start at the red line just in good position just inside the face off dots.  On the whistle F1 passes to D1, D1 passes off the boards to D2, D2 will make a pass to F1 as F1 times their break into the slot area to receive the pass.  F1 needs to time their break to receive as flat of a pass as possible from D2.  If they get too far ahead of the play it becomes a difficult pass for the defense and dangerous for the forward because they will be looking back for the  pass.F1 carries the puck outside the zone and then passes to D4.  D4 should receive the pass as they are skating backwards.  D4 makes a pass to D3 who has moved into a good support position.  D3 will receive the pass then look to pass to F1.  Again, F1 is making themselves available for a flat pass from D3.  When F1 receives the pass from D3 they attack back to the zone where they started for a shot on net. After the shot, the defensive pair that made the neutral zone pass (D3 &4) move into the corner to take the place of D1 & D2.  D1 & D2 then go to the end of the defense line.

 This drill can be made into a 1 on 1 situation as well.  After D2 makes the breakout pass to F1 they follow F1 out of the zone and transition backwards as F1 receives the pass from D3 and attacks the zone. 


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