Center Flow Breakout Drill

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To start, get all defense in the corner with a group of pucks.  There should also be a line for LW, C, and RW.  Also place a bunch of pucks behind the net.  To start, D1 skates behind the net, picks up a puck and makes a breakout pass to RW.  The Center times their loop so they are available for a pass from the RW.  The RW makes a quick pass to C and then breaks to receive a pass back from the Center.  The Center and D1 then regroup.  D1 picks up another puck behind the net and makes another breakout pass to LW.  LW makes a pass to the Center and receives the puck right back, then continues down the ice for a shot on net.  D1 and the Center then regoup again, this time D1 makes a breakout pass to the Center and the Center skates down the ice for a shot. After making the pass to the Center, D1 makes themself available in the slot for a pass from the next Defense in line.  D1 then goes down the ice for a shot and the second Defense start the new repetition.


jeff.chapman on 7/24/2019

Center Breakout

jeff.chapman on 7/17/2019

- I would modify where breakout is always going from one end to the other! Can add forecheckers 

Corkum19 on 9/7/2015

Good Full Team Pre Game drill

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