Center Circle Tire Skating - Tight Transitions

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This variation is a little bit more advanced.  Players will face one way as the go around each tire.  This forces them to transition backwards and forwards as they go around each tire.  Choose one direction that players must face throughout the drill.  As players go around each tire they must face that direction the entire time.  At the first tire they go counter-clockwise and alternate directions on each tire thereafter.


squags on 8/8/2018

I like this drill but it would be even better if you finish it with a shot on net in each Direction

jcooper on 11/8/2015

8's variatioon

fitzy173 on 10/11/2015

We did this 1 Sunday, we will try it with pucks.

bigshow83 on 9/22/2015

One of the competitive races.... will do with different ways of turning...pivoting....with w/o pucks

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