Bruins Transition Drill

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In this hockey drill the players focus on passing, timing, and attacking the offensive blue line.  The players are lines up at the blue line along the boards with pucks.  The first player in line will carry the puck in a circle out to the red line, center ice, then back throught the middle of the ice.  The second player in line will skate a few hard strides up ice and then transition backwards in line with the dots. The first player will give the second player a pass and continue to move their feet and cross over to the outside of the ice.  The second player controlls the puck and gain the middle of the ice while transitioning to forwards, then makes a horizontal pass to the first player.  After they make the pass they go back in line to become the first player in the next repetition.  The first player receives the pass and attacks the blue line with speed. In this example they attack inside to outside and then make a sharp cut to the middle of the ice for a scoring chance.


BantamAA on 10/13/2018
Goalie warmup
Youngho Bae on 2/21/2014

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