Break Out Timing #4

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In this timing drill, two defense players are invloved with a simple pass off the boards.  The player that receives the pass needs to handle it quickly and make a pass to either the center or winger.  The center and winger need to time their swings so that they are both available for a flat pass from the defense.  The forwards continue down the ice 2 on 0 and they can perform a number of drills as they enter the offensive zone.  Once the defense make the pass they go out to the blue line, receive a pass from the next player in line, pass the puck to their defense partner, and shoot a hard low shot ON NET.


Daimian on 6/9/2018

This would be good for defense to breakout the puck, also to work on their one timer shot.

kdd1648B on 9/9/2015


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