Break Out Timing #3

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This another break out drill that focuses on timing.  It is not a set break out by any means, but a situtation that often is presented no matter what type of breakout you prefer.  The key is to help the forwards understand that their timing is important.  90% of kids will get too far ahead of the play and leave their defense stranded without a good option to pass the puck.

The coach starts the drill by dumping the puck into the corner. The defense retrieves the puck and brings the puck up ice and in between the dots.  The forwards have to adjust to the side of the ice as well as the speed of the defense.  The forwards will either take the role of center, or wing, depending on which side the defense brings up the puck.  The strong side wing becomes the wing, and the weak side will make themself availabe through the middle.  The player swinging through the middle will time their break so they receive the pass while they are moving across the ice.  The winger also needs to time the curl so they too make themself available for a flat pass.  Again, if either player gets too far ahead, then they receive the pass in a vulnerable situation.

Once the play is made the forwards continue down the ice 2 on 0.  Another variation is to have the forwards attack the other net 2 on 1 or 2 on 2. 


Daimian on 6/9/2018

I like the idea of the importance to forward to go a bit deeper to time to receive the pass from the defense.

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