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This is a warm up drill with a lot of passing. Passes need to be quick and sharp or the drill breaks down fast. P1 starts with the puck and makes a pass off of the boards behind the net to P2. P1 skates across the front of the net and receives a return pass from from P2. P1 then quickly gives P3 a pass and skates up ice to receive the pass back from P3. P1 then performs another give & go with P4 as they attack the far blue line and go in for a shot. After shooting, P1 takes the position of P4, P4 takes the place of P3, and P3 goes to the back of one of the lines. The drill should alternate sides as well, so after P2 gives the pass to P1, P2 then waits until P1 crosses the red line and makes a pass off the boards to the player that was behind P1 to start the next repetition.


SCasey on 3/17/2016

good for pee wee

South side storm on 11/10/2015

Drill 1

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