Bank Robbers

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This is a full ice activity great for any age level under 12 years old. It is great to use this as a warm up activity to help increase the energy for practice. Players work on awareness, agility, and puck control while having fun.

Set Up

Select 3 players or coaches to be the "police" in the middle. The "bank robbers" start on the goal line without pucks. Scatter as many pucks as you can throughout the neutral zone.

How to Play

On the whistle the players will skate into the neutral zone. Their objective is to retrieve a puck and cary it out of the neutral zone and place it into the net at the other end. The "police" must stay within the neutral zone. If a "bank robber" is touched in the neutral zone by the "police" they join the "police" in the next round. Play until all the players have been tagged or until all of the pucks have been stolen and placed into the nets.

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