Backcheck Flow Drill

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 This drill is a good way to condition your players without putting the pucks away and skating lines.  It has an element of competition which forces players to work hard the entire drill.  This drill can also be run out of all four corners depending on how many players are involved.  To set up, divide the players up evenly into the four corners and have a bunch of pucks in each corner. Place one player at the top of the circles with a puck (P1).  This is only to start the drill because after the first rep P2 becomes P1.  On the whistle P1 swings towards the boards, P2 chips the puck off the boards to P1 and then backchecks against P1 all the way down the ice.  P2 should try to catch P1.  After P1 gets a shot off on net, P2 becomes swings towards the boards and receives a chip fromP3.  P3 then becomes a backchecker against P2.  This cycle continues throughout the drill. 


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