Austrian Two Shot Drill

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There are two parts to this ice hockey drill resulting in two shots.  To set up the drill place two lines along the  boards at the blue lines so they are facing the offensive zone.  P1 will start along the half wall with pucks, P2 is the first player in line at the blue line, P3 is on the blue line in the center of the ice, and P4 is on the half wall without puck opposite of P1.  P1 will start the drill by making a pass to P2.  P2 will walk off the boards with the puck for a coupld of strides and make a pass to P3.  P3 will make a quick pass down to P4 along the half wall.  P4 will explode in the scoring area off the wall and take a shot on net.  P4 should try to jump off the wall as quickly as possible, shoot while moving their feet, and follow their shot to the net.  After the shot P4 stays in front of the net for the next shot.  P1 then makes another pass to P2.  This time P2 walks off the wall with the puck and shoots with P4 in front for a tip or screen.  After the second shot P1 goes to the end of line 1, P2 replaces P3, P3 goes to the end of line 2, and P4 replaces F1.

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