Amazing Scoring Race

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This is a very fun game for all skill levels.  Split up into two teams.  In this diagram, there is a green team and an orange team.  There are four lines as shown with equal players in each line.  Pucks should be given to each line and then a group of pucks should also be placed in between the hash marks in each zone.  On the whistle, P1 on each team receives a pass from P2 (diagonal pass).  When P1 receives it they go in for a breakaway on the opposite goalie.  If the player scores, their teamate (P2) picks up a puck right away and goes in for their breakaway shot.  If the player misses, they must retreive a puck from between the hash marks in the zone and deliver it to P2, P2 can then go. Play can go until one team scores a certain number of goals, or you can play for a set amount of time.


kjr2006 on 6/26/2018

fun game 

jmarshall728 on 7/17/2015
Relay Race

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