7 Pass Transition Shooting Drill

7 Pass Transition Shooting Drill

A high tempo hockey drill that works on one-touch passing, transitions, shooting off the pass with quick shots, and following shots to the net. This drill can be setup as a cross-ice drill inside of the blueline (like it is shown in the video above), or set up as a station for shorter passes. 


  • Can be set up as half ice or as a station (view how it would look as a station at the bottom of this post). A smaller space will provide the opportunity for shorter, quicker passes.
  • Players: place players at both sides of the ice on the hash marks of the face-off circle.
  • Cones: Place two cones on the top of the face-off circle that players will transition around.
  • The 7 Passes: The first player (Player 1) in line will start the drill off by making a pass to the player (Player 2) that is waiting in line on the other side of the ice. Player 1 will skate directly at Player 2, present a target and receive a pass back from Player 2. Player 1 will one touch the pass back to Player 2 and transition around the cone. Player 2 then passes to Player 3 (who was waiting in line behind Player 1) on the other side of the ice. Player 1 will skate directly at Player 3 to receive a pass, and then pass back to player 3. Player 1 transitions around the second cone, receives a pass from Player 3 and looks to get a quick shot on net.
  • Variations: Add obstacles that players must shoot around after they receive the 7th pass.


  • Players should make flat passes with soft hands. Slapping the puck results in in-accurate passes and wobbly pucks.
  • Players should transition while facing the puck at all times.
  • Receive and shoot the puck quickly after the 7th pass.
    • Quickly shooting in stride or changing the shot angle can help to surprise the goalie.
  • Make sure the player follows to the net to look for rebounds.

Below is an overhead view of how the drill looks like when set up in a smaller station space.

Supporting Fundamentals


Jaylm37 on 12/16/2019

 Pass and shoot

Rocca on 12/10/2019

Working on making a good pass and shooting from the F3 spot with a quick release. 

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