5 vs. 2 Defensive Zone Drill

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This is a defensive zone coverage drill with an emphasis on the wingers.  This is for teams that use a defensive zone system in which the wingers are responsible for covering the defense.  To set up the drill place 5 offensive players in the zone spread out with one player in each corner, a player in the slot, and two players on the blue line (the offensive defense) as shown.  Two defensive wingers start in their defensive positions and one of the offensive players start with the puck.  The offensive players pass the puck around the perimeter of the zone while the defensive players work on their positioning.  The defensive wingers cover the point on the strong side and when they are on the weak side they help out in the slot area.  The offensive players are trying to move the puck around quick enough so they can get the puck to the player in the slot.  It requires quick puck movement by the offensive players and stop and starts by the defenders.


puckhitsice on 1/28/2016

Wings in D zone

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