5 V 5 to 5 V 3 Face-off Game On The Circle

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The 5 V 5 to 5 V 3 Face-Off Game helps teams practice face-offs by rewarding the winning team with 2 extra attackers.


  • Setup 2 nets in 1/2 of a zone as pictured in the diagram.
  • Use bumpers if you have them. If you do not have access to bumpers you can use cones to identify the boundary, or use players that are waiting in line to keep the puck in.
  • Coach drops the puck for a face-off. 
  • Once possession is clearly determined, the losing teams must send off 2 players (either the 2 wingers, or the 2 defensemen) to make the game a 5 v 3.
  • The defensemen on the offensive team must remain below an imaginary goal line.
  • Both teams try to score.

Coaching Points

  • Face-off:
    • Get low and strong on your stick to win the face-off.
    • Wingers jump in to help with possession.
  • Offensive team with 5 players should move the puck quickly and support each other.
  • Defensive team should keep sticks on the ice to block passing lanes.

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