5 Pass 2 on 1

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The 5 Pass 2 on 1 Hockey Drill presents a great way for coaches to utulize the full ice with a high tempo multi passing activity. This drill should be used for the Midget age levels or higher or very skilled Bantam teams. Trying to do this drill with teams younger than 13 will typically result in a lot of standing around and not as many actual quality 2 on 1's beause of the 5 passes required to get to that point.

To set up place the forwards in four equal lines at the blue lines with the defense split into two lines in opposite corners. The defense starts by taking a few strides and passing to F1 as they come off the wall. F2 will leave at the same time and swing behind F1 to receive a drop pass. F2 will then cary the puck up to center ice and make a pass to the first player in the other defense line (D2). D2 will make a cross ice pass to F3, F3 will then make a cross ice pass back to F1 as they swing back through the neutral zone (see diagram).

Coaching Points

  • Call for each pass.
  • When making the drop pass make sure to drop it to the receiving player's forehand.
  • Forwards need to have good timing as they swing through neutral zone, try to stay below the puck so you can skate into the pass.
  • Discuss 2 on 1 options with the forwards that you would like to see them execute.
  • Defense should try to keep the puck carrier to the outside and take away a pass through the middle of the ice.

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