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Offensively this drill helps players develop the habit of passing and moving to open space to expect a return pass.  For defensive players, they are able to work on staying between their man and the net becuase they know when the whistle blows the forward will be trying to get to the net for a scoring chance.

This is a one on one drill in which the offensive player (F1) uses the bumpers (F2,F3,F4,and F5) to keep the puck away from D1.  On the whistle, F1 starts with the puck and protects it from D1.  F1 is allowed to pass to any of the other offensive players but must stay within the box defined by the other four offensive players.  When F1 passes to one of the other players they must get open for a return pass from the same player.  After about 20 seconds, the coach blows the whistle and F1 must make one more give and go with one of the other offensive players and create space to take a shot on net.

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