4 Timer Shooting Drill

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This hockey drill is all about quick shots while moving in the slot area.  It is a good idea to have left handed shots in one end and right handed shots on the other end so you only have to have one passer in each end.  If you are on half ice then both passers can be in one end. Set up the drill as shown with four cones in the slot area (as shown).  If the player is left handed then the pass will be on the left side of the net so they are always in a good one-timer position.  The line of players should be just outside the blue line.  To start the dril the player skates full speed into the slot and receives a pass from the passer in the high slot.  The player should try to one-time it or have a quick catch and release. After the shot the player continues to move their feet to the top of the crease and stops.  They will get another pass from the passer and attemt another one-timer.  Following the second shot the player skates backwards around the first cone so they are always facing the passer.  They will receive another pass just as they come around the second cone.  After the third shot they will transition backwards again out to the second cone and receive another pass just as they come around the cone for the fourth shot on net.

Players should work hard on keeping their feet moving and always facing the passer.  The idea in this drill is to have players develop a habit of moving and trying to get open when they are in the slot area.


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