4 Stations #1

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Four hockey drills are included here and divided up into four sections of the ice.  This could easily be used for an entire hockey practice for the little ones.

Station #1

The younger ones will love this hockey drill!  Split the players into two teams and have them line up along the blue line so the first player is even with the face off dots.  The objective is to be the first team stopped along the blue line and in good hockey position. On the whistle the first player from each line takes a puck and crosses over behind their own net and then goes down on the other goalie in a 1 on 0.  Players need to keep thier head up because their is another player coming the other way. The player has to score on the other team's goalie and then skate to the blue line, stop, and stay in good hockey position.  Once the player stops, the next player on their team can go.  The first team to get all of their player in good hockey position along the blue line wins.

Station #2

This station is set up in the middle of the ice between the blue lines.  The players form two lines about 2 stick lengths apart and one line will start with the pucks.  The coach or helper is at center ice on the opposite side of the ice.  The first two players in each line skate forwards towards the coach making as many passes as possible.  When they get to the face off dots the player with the puck passes it to the coach and both players then transition to backwards and work on their backwards skating until they get back in line.  This is a continuous drill so the players will get quite a few touches with the puck and they will be moving for a majority of the drill.  It also works best if players are paired up with players of similar ability.

Station #3

A 2 on 2 game in which the players compete in a very small area in the corner.  One net is required and it needs to be turned so it is facing the boards about 15 - 20 away from the boards.  Two players from each team start in front of the net.  The coach is behind the net with all of the pucks.  To start, the coach banks a puck off the boards into the area where the players are waiting.  The only rule is that players have to stay in the area in front of the net, if a puck goes outside that area the coach banks a new puck off the boards into play.  Whoever touches the puck last before it goes into the net earns the point and a new puck is put in play right away.  Not only do players get a chance to have a lot of scoring chances in front of the net, but they learn to win battles along the boards.  It also gives the kids a great way to use their creativity in front of the net and along the boards.

Station #4

A smaller version of 3 on 3 in zone tranistion drill, this game requires 3 players on each side and one coach or helper.  The coach starts the hockey drill by dumping a puck into the playing area.  In order to be on offense a player must make a pass to the coach. The coach then passes back to one of the team members that made the pass and tries to score.  On a turnover, the other team must make a pass to the coach before trying to score.  Each game should last 45 seconds to 1 minute before giving players a rest or switching teams.

The animation for this hockey drill is coming soon!


PatrickDiVito on 8/26/2019

Stations for first practice

colin.carpenter82@gmail.com on 9/25/2018

Great stations drill

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