4 on 2 D-Zone Coverage

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This drill focuses on defense down low in your own zone.  Two players (P1 & P2) are set up behind the net with pucks.  Two forwards and two defense are in front of the net.  The playing area is from goal line to the face off dots.  On the whistle, F1 and F2 try to get open to receive a pass from P1 or P2.  P1 and P2 are passing the puck back and forth.  The defense have to make sure they are covering their player in front of the net while trying to know where the puck is at all times.  The defense should have their heels to the net at all times so they are able to stay with the player they are covering.  If they turn their back to the forwards and look at the puck then it is easy to lose their player.  They should constantly be turning their head to check where the puck is without losing their man in front. After a puck is passed to the front, P1 and P2 get another puck and start passing a new puck right away.  Each repetition should consist of 3 to 5 pucks.


livewell87 on 10/10/2019


Daimian on 6/9/2018

This could be useful for to teach peewees to work hard and challenge the defense to box out the players. Would be good for the footwork too. 

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