2 vs. 3 Cross Drop Drill

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The 2 vs. 3 Cross Drop Drill from Topher Scott is an excellent drill for forwards to practice rushing and supporting the puck while the defense can practice angling and stepping up on the puck. This drill is an excellent setup to help forwards practice keeping possession instead of just dumping the puck in deep.


  • On the whistle F1 and F2 cross.
  • F1 drops the puck to F2 to begin a 2 vs. 3. 
  • The defending F works on angling and the defense work on holding the line.
  • The offensive forwards work to get the puck in the zone and generate a scoring chance.
  • The play ends when the offense scores, the goalie freezes the puck, the defense get the puck out of the zone or the coach blows the whistle.

Coaching Points

  • Offensive players:
    • Players without the puck should support each other
    • Players with the puck should practice showing poise with the puck. Do not dump the puck!
  • Defensive players:
    • The defensive team should all have their sticks on the ice to angle and take away passing lanes.
    • The defenseman should work on stepping up to the puck carrier.

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