2 vs. 2 No Sticks Game

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The 2 vs. 2 No Sticks Game is a fun small area game from Topher Scott where the forwards are trying to score and the defense is trying to stop them from scoring. The one major modification to this game is that the defense does not have any sticks! It is a goal scorers game! The only way the defense can stop the game is to kick the puck out of the zone, have the goalie freeze the puck, have the coach blow the whistle (or the offense scores a goal).


  • Half ice 2 vs. 2 with one net and a goalie.
  • A coach passes the puck to a forward and the game begins. The forwards try to score a goal while the defense tries to defend them.
  • Depending on the age level, you can give your defenders something to carry (a cone, tire, ball, upside down stick, etc) to hinder them.
  • The coach should have forwards and defense rotate positions.
  • Switch the players when the coach blows a whistle, the forwards score, the defense kicks the puck out of the zone or the goalie freezes the puck.

Coaching Points:

  • Defense: This game is a reminder that it is really hard to play defense with no stick or your stick in the air. Keep your stick on the ice when you have it!
  • Offense: Give & go's. Jump to open space and communicate.


  • Modify the playing area.
  • Have the game be 1v1, 2v2, or 3v3.
  • Modify what the defense is holding. It can be a cone, tire, ball, upside down stick, etc)

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