2 on 1 with Backchecker

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The focus of this drill is to develop good habits when going to the net and backchecking.  The forwards need to focus on moving their feet, skating hard to the net, and stopping at the net.  The drill starts on the whistle.  D1 skates up to the red line and pivots backwards.  F1 & F2 wait till D1 hits the red line then swing out along the blue line and then face up the ice to receive a pass from the coach.  The coach will make a pass to either F1 or F2.  F3 is the backchecker and waits until the pass is made.  F3 has to backcheck against the forward that did not receive the pass.  In this case, F2 does not receive the pass and therefore drives hard to the far post with their stick on the ice while F3 tries to catch them and not allow F2 to receive a pass from F1. Both forwards need to stop at the net in case of a rebound.  


rossi500 on 11/25/2018

#2 backcheck drill

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