1, 2, 3 on 3 Down Low

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This drill starts as a 1 on 1 down low and progresses into a 3 on 3 down low.  The goal is for the forwards to maintain puck posession until after the third whistle.  Only after the third whistle can the forwards shoot.  On the first whistle the coach dumps the puck into the corner where F1 has the advantage to retreive the puck first.  F1 protects the puck against D1 until the second whistle.  On the second whistle F2 and D2 join the play and F1 and F2 need to protect the puck against D1 and D2.  On the third whistle F3 and D3 join the play.  The three forwards try to create a scoring chance as quick as possible after the third whistle.


syr08nats on 9/24/2019

SAME Lineup as diagram

DO 1v1 on 1st whistle 

2nd whistle - dump puck in opposite corner and play 2V2 until whistle

MUST make at least 1 pass

jslenz14 on 9/10/2014


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