1 on 1 Recovery Drill

1 on 1 Recovery Drill diagram

This is a tough hockey drill for defense and more often than not they will get beat. The emphasis of this drill is to work on recovering and still being able to fend off the forward by pivoting and sprinting to the near post.  A lot of young players, when they get beat to the outside,  will try and pressure the forward on the outside rather than try and regain position by pivoting and skating towards the post.  The forwards will start with the puck at, or just inside the red line.  The defense start at the top of the circle and on the whistle they will skate full speed up to the neutral zone face off dot and then transition towards the middle of the ice.  The forwards cannot leave until the defense reaches the face offf dot.  Then it is a one on one situation. Forwards should drive to the far post keeping their feet moving and trying to make a play at the net. 

Supporting Fundamentals


Peewee2 on 2/11/2019

Good drill

Team sum on 3/31/2018


tbonneau10 on 11/14/2015

Love this drill for D to focus on quick transition and forcing offense wide

For offense good to catch quick pass at the blue line and drive to the net

lakerssquirtb on 11/3/2014

This is a good drill. (Defense)

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