Give & Go 4 Pass Drill

The Gee Gee Give and Go from iPlayHockey is a great half-ice hockey drill to help players work on passing, moving to space without the puck, showing their teammate a passing target, and getting a quick shot on net.

Setup for Progression # 1: Players start from the top of the circle and pass to their teammate at the bottom of the circle. After a pass is made, the player immediately skates to the hash-mark, with a passing target, looking at their teammate. The player at the hash-mark receives a pass from the player at the bottom of the circle, passes back, then drives to the net with a good passing target to receive a pass before they take a shot on net.

Progression # 2: Once players get comfortable with this drill, it is beneficial for players to work on making passes with soft pressure from a coach or another player. Encourage players to jump to space quicker or provide passing targets away from the defender.

Progression # 3: If players are able to do progression # 1 and # 2 well, you can work on one-touch passes, and a faster pace with the Continuous 6 Pass Shooting Drill.

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