Top Drills, Skills & Updates From 2021

IHS Best Drills, Skills and Updates of 2021

The Team at IHS would like to thank the hockey community for all of your support in 2021. We are so very grateful to all of our members, contributors, partners, and anyone who took the time to write in to ask questions or provide us feedback to help us improve.

We wanted to reflect on our most popular updates and content from 2021, all of it is not possible without you, and your feedback. Our objective at IHS is to create content and tools that inspire coaches and players around the world, and this year was no different. Below is a list of the most popular site updates, drills, coach education videos, and practices from the past year:

Most Popular Site Updates From 2021

  1. Launched Coach Education Section
  2. Launched IHS Association Program
  3. Hockey Think Tank Content Acquisition 
  4. Collaborated with Coach Alyssa Gagliardi
  5. Updated IHS Practice Planner
  6. Added Ability For IHS Members to Add Logos To Drills
  7. Added Coach Collaboration Feature
  8. Added New Icons to the IHS Drill Drawer

Top 10 Drills & Small Area Games From 2021

  1. Double Gates Activation Game
  2. Sticks In Lanes Game
  3. 2 vs 2 No Sticks Game (Members Only)
  4. Gates of Buffalo Passing Game
  5. Cross-Ice Situational Game (Members Only)
  6. 2 vs 1 Rebound Battle
  7. Picket Fences 2 vs 2 or 3 vs 3
  8. Rondo Circle Keep Away
  9. 3 Gates 1 v 1 v 1 (Members Only)
  10. NEHDA Defenseman Carousel (Members Only)

Top 10 Coach Education Videos From 2021

  1. 10 Games With No Goalies
  2. 8 Important Hockey Habits
  3. 14 Benefits of Small Area Hockey Games
  4. U12 Development Philosophies
  5. Zone Entry Concepts (Members Only)
  6. Develop The Person To Develop The Player
  7. The 1-3-1 Power Play
  8. Power Play Roles & Skills (Members Only)
  9. Tips To Win 1 On 1's (Members Only)
  10. Developing Defensive Zone Habits (Members Only)

Top 5 Skills & Skill Breakdowns From 2021

  1. Tips to Develop A Quick Release Shot
  2. Create Scoring Opportunities Without The Puck
  3. Breakout Tips For Wingers On Their Off-Hand
  4. How To Skate Backwards
  5. Puck Retrieval Tips Along The Boards

Top 5 Practice Plans From 2021

  1. U10 - Compete Drills & Games
  2. U12 - Passing & Puck Support
  3. U14 - 2 on 1's In Tight Areas
  4. U14 - Quick Transitions
  5. U12 - Defensive Skills & Pressuring the Puck

The end of the year is a great time to reflect on what went well and didn't go so well as a coach and in life. Even just taking 5 minutes and writing a list of 3 highlights and 3 lowlights from the past year will help you start your new year by appreciating the great times and allowing yourself to acknowledge and move on from the tough times. This list will help you set goals for the new year ahead.

As 2021 comes to a close we would like to thank all of you for following along, sharing the content and providing feedback to us. We have lots of big collaborations and updates planned for 2022 but if there is anything specific would like to see from us, or if you ever have any questions, please contact us.

Thank you and Happy New Year from the team at IHS! 

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