Top Drills, Games & Practice Plans of 2022

Top Drills, Games & Practice Plans of 2022

The Team at IHS would like to thank the hockey community for all of your support in 2022. We are so very grateful to all of our members, associations, contributors, partners, and anyone who took the time to reach out to us this past year.

Our objective at IHS is to create content and tools that inspire coaches and players around the world. Below is a list of the most popular practice plans, small area games, drills, coach education videos, tools and updates from the past year. Happy New Year from the team at IHS and please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions for us. 

Top 10 IHS Practice Plans of 2022:

  1. Breakout Practice for U16+
  2. Quick Transitions Practice for U14 - U16+
  3. Battle Day Practice for U10 - U12
  4. Breakouts - Half Ice for U12 - U14
  5. Zone Entry Practice for U14 - U16
  6. Skills Practice - Separating Offense & Defense
  7. Basic Puck Support Stations for U10 - U12 
  8. 2 v 1 Situations
  9. 1 v 1 Fundamentals
  10. Quick Transitions for U12 - U14

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Top 10 IHS Small Area Games of 2022:

  1. Triangle Scoring Game from Kendall Coyne
  2. 3 v 3 Corner Drill from Topher Scott
  3. Offensive Advantage Game from Kenall Coyne
  4. Griffs 2 v 2 from TJ Manastersky
  5. Gates of Buffalo & Gates of Buffalo 3 v 3 (these have been on our top 10 list for the past 3 years).
  6. Redwing 2 v 3 or 2 v 4 from TJ Manastersky
  7. 3 v 3 Picket Fences (Members Only)
  8. Sticks in Lanes Game from Topher Scott
  9. Cross-Ice Situational Game from Hockey Think Tank (Members Only)
  10. Double Goals - Royal Road
  11. Tied for # 10: 4 v 2 Two Touch Game from TJ Manastersky (Members Only)

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Top 10 IHS Drills of 2022:

  1. 6 Cone Skills Series from NewEdge Hockey
  2. Billy Purcell Breakout from TJ Manastersky
  3. Yellow Attack Timing from NewEdge Hockey (Members Only)
  4. 1 v 1 Angle Around The Net from Battey Hockey
  5. Jets 2 v 2 Drill from TJ Manastersky
  6. Angle Regroup 2 v 1 from Topher Scott (Members Only)
  7. The Chaos Weave from Alyssa Gagliardi (Members Only)
  8. 2 v 2 Two Ways from Topher Scott (Members Only)
  9. Half Ice- Full Length Breakout Pass (Members Only)
  10. Wall Retrieval Station

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Top 10 IHS Coach Education Articles of 2022:

  1. Adding Decisions & Cues to Practice
  2. Battle Practice Day Format
  3. 12 Fun Hockey Drills
  4. 1-3-1 Power Play
  5. Tips to Win 1 on 1's Webinar (Members Only)
  6. Building Resiliency Webinar (Members Only)
  7. 8 Important Hockey Habits
  8. Winning The Neutral Zone Webinar (Members Only)
  9. Professional Hockey Habits Webinar (Members Only)
  10. 6 Week Off-Ice Training Program

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Most Popular IHS Coaching Tools of 2022:

  1. IHS Drawing Tool - digital drawing tool that allows coaches to easily draw drills & systems. Coaches without a membership can download images & PDFs for free. IHS Members can save their drawings in a drill library, add video, add the drills to a practice plans, and easily share the content with players, parents & coaches.
  2. IHS Practice Planner - create engaging practice plans & share them with coaches, players & parents. (Members Only)
  3. IHS For Associations - IHS for your whole association. Allows for easy collaboration between coaches. (Members Only)
  4. IHS Game Planner - plan out your game day roster & game strategy. (Members Only)
  5. Adding Team Logo to Content - add your team logo to drills, practices & more. (Members Only)

Top IHS Updates of 2022:

  1. The Launch of The Weekly Edge Newsletter
  2. Association Sharing Feature
  3. Add Progressions to Drills, Systems & Practice Plans
  4. Collaborations with TJ Manastersky & Kendall Coyne Schofield
  5. Game Planner Launch
  6. Partnership With Livebarn
  7. Updated Printing Formats (additional improvements coming January 2023)
  8. Updated Customer Help Center & Contact Page
  9. Updated Member Dashboard - for quick access to your created drills, practices, systems, exercises, game plans & team logo.

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The Team at IHS would like to wish you all a Happy 2023!

Is there any type of content you would like to see more of in 2023? Are there any software updates you would like us to make? Please feel free to contact us anytime with any questions or suggestions. We truly appreciate every message, and suggestion that we receive.