IHS Acquires Hockey Think Tank Content

IHS Acquires Hockey Think Tank Content

Ice Hockey Systems has acquired 300+ videos from The Hockey Think Tank in a deal that will bring new forms of content and broaden the range of topics for IHS members. This comes in an effort to help improve resources for youth hockey coaches, youth hockey players, and youth hockey parents.

The deal includes over 300 pieces of content developed by The Hockey Think Tank including:

  • 20+ Drill videos from current and former NCAA coaches
  • 40+ Webinars & Presentations on in-depth topics from HTT Conferences
  • 40+ Drills & Systems videos from Topher Scott
  • The Parent Survival Guide (for Associations)
  • Little Things From Last Night (Clips by Topher Scott)

The Hockey Think Tank has developed world-class content over the past 5 years and IHS is beyond excited to bring it to its members. Contributors of The Hockey Think Tank content include:

  • NHL Players
  • NHL Coaches
  • NHL Skills Coaches
  • NCAA Coaches
  • Junior Coaches & Executives

The content will be added to IHS throughout the summer of 2021. The podcast is not included as part of the deal, but IHS will remain a sponsor of the Hockey Think Tank podcast. All current members of The Hockey Think Tank will be provided with a free 6-month membership to IHS. To view the available content, please visit The Hockey Think Tank's contributor page & the IHS Coach Education Page.

IHS and The Hockey Think Tank will continue to work hand in hand to push the limits on technology and content that helps grow the game of hockey. Please contact us with any questions or suggestions.


Scott-IHS on 12/2/2021

All of the webinar presentations from The Hockey Think Tank and others are now available on the IHS Coach Education Page: www.icehockeysystems.com/education.

hockeyutah on 9/8/2021

where can i find the webinar presentations from the hockey think tank on this site?