16 Small Area Games with New IHS Contributor Kendall Coyne

We are honored to welcome Kendall Coyne Schofield as a contributor to IHS.  Kendall is the captain of the USA Women’s National Team and a Player Development Coach for the Chicago Blackhawks. 

Kendall and IHS collaborated to film some of Kendall’s favorite small area games.  All of the games follow the key themes of moving, thinking, working, creativity, decision making and fun.  Each small area game has a whiteboard video with Kendall explaining the game and coaching points.  

Below is the list of small area games Kendall has shared with IHS:

7 Free Small Area Games

  1. Offensive Advantage Game 
  2. 4 on 2 Power Play Game 
  3. 2 v 1 Quick Strike Game 
  4. Triangle Scoring Game 
  5. 1 v 1, to 2 v 2, to 3 v 3 
  6. Poker 2 v 2 Game
  7. 2 v 2 Bagger

9 IHS Member Exclusive Small Area Games

  1. Gate Game
  2. Gretzky 2 v 2 Switch Game
  3. 4 v 2 Down Low Game
  4. Ring of Fire
  5. Neutral Zone Game with Outlets
  6. 2 v 2 Any Net Game
  7. Two Pucks 2 v 2 Circle Battle
  8. 1 v 1 to 2 v 2 Down Low
  9. Long Bomb Game

Kendall is the captain of USA Women’s National Team, and a Player Development Coach for the Chicago Blackhawks. She has won six gold medals at the IIHF World Women’s Championship and a Gold Medal at the 2018 Winter Olympics. In 2019, Kendall became the first woman to compete in a NHL All-Stars skills competition. Coyne-Schofield played college hockey at Northeastern and during her senior year she was awarded the the Patty Kazmaier Award as the top female college ice hockey player in the United States. Outside of hockey, she created the Schofield Family Foundation, which is dedicated to providing funding, support, and awareness to improve the lives of others.

Many thanks to Kendall for her incredible contributions to the game of hockey and sharing her knowledge with the IHS community.  We hope you enjoy the content.