Teaching Proper Skating Technique: A Video Series with NSDA

Proper skating technique is crucial for player development and is often improperly taught or overlooked, especially at the younger age levels when players are developing their muscle memory. Many coaches struggle with teaching proper technique and how to identify and fix skating issues their players may be facing.

Dwayne Blais and the team at NSDA tackled this issue head on and developed the most comprehensive skating videos we have seen.  In a new partnership with IHS, NSDA has kindly shared 20 skating videos that break down and deconstruct the proper skating techniques for hockey players.


The videos are laid out in a progression from basic to advanced and each one has important teaching points for coaches to focus on. The Quick Fix videos are incredible for helping coaches/parents identify skating issues and how to address them with their players.

For anyone new to NSDA, they are a must follow on Youtube, with over 100 detailed skills videos covering every area of the game (not just skating). Their skills videos are second to none as they break down each skill with precision and leave you with important teaching points.

You Can Find all of the videos in our skating series by clicking HERE or visiting the individual videos below from both Dwayne Blais and Ben Eaves. Links to the individual skating videos are listed below:

Player Position

Forward Skating

Forward Stride

Single Leg Pushes

One-Leg Drag

Quick Fix: Forward Skating

Using Edges: The Basics

Inside Edges

Outside Edges

Quick Fix: Outside Edges

Quick Fix: When Players Skate on Outside Edges

Control Turns

Hockey Stop

Quick Fix: Stopping

Quick Fix: Side Stopping Part 2

Forward Cross Overs

Forward Cross Over Start

How to Skate Backwards

Quick Fix: Backwards Skating Part 1

Quick Fix: Backwards Skating Part 2

Backwards Cross Over Start

Backwards to Forwards Pivot

How to Do Backwards Cross-Overs

Inside Outside Edges

Inside Outside Insides Edges

How to Perform a Transition Turn

Jam Turns

Punch Jams

How to Perform a Bracket Turn

Mohawk Pivoting