Open Hips - Open Feet - 10 & 2

Crosby Edges Open Hips and Feet

Here is a breakdown of a highly effective skill used by some of the world's best hockey players. Known as the Open Hip or 10 & 2 technique.

Organize Your Favorite Hockey Content

Organize Your Favorite Hockey Content and YouTube Drills

Organize Your Favorite Hockey Content

The world has A LOT of great hockey content.

Dozens of websites, hundreds of books, thousands of images, and a daily flood of new content on YouTube, Instagram and other social media channels. Plus, you have your own ideas, saved drills, PDFs and recommendations from your organization.

What do you do with all of it?

This content overload makes it hard to drown out the noise so you can focus on the best material. If you are able to organize and focus on the best content, you will improve as a coach, and improve your team.

12 Post Season Activities for Hockey Coaches

Post Season Activities For Youth Hockey Coaches

12 Post Season Activities for Hockey Coaches

Sports are a microcosm of life. We have all heard this saying before, and for those of us that love sports, we know this to be true. If you break down any game, season, or career, you will find many parallels to life: ups, downs, adversity, setbacks, defeats, hard work, heartbreak, triumphs and more.

Looking at the current state of the world, you could say that we are all facing adversity. 

Improve Hockey Awareness With Gates Games

Improve Hockey Awareness with Gates Small Area Games

Improve Youth Hockey Awareness With Gates Games

One of the hardest things for a coach to develop in their players is on-ice awareness.

POP QUIZ: Think about the current state of your team. If you blew the whistle during any game would your players be able to answer these questions:'s Best of 2019

Best Hockey Drills and Games of 2019

As 2019 comes to a close, we review our most popular social posts, free drills, member drills and blog posts.

Happy Holidays from the Team at! As 2019 comes to a close, we wanted to reflect on our most popular pieces of content based on member interaction. In the article below, we will recap our most popular free drills, members-only drills, blog posts, practice plans and social media posts. The game of hockey continues to evolve and based on the content below, it is clear that coaches have been implementing more stations, battle drills, small area games, and FUN into their practices, which is great for everyone! 

4 Shooting Techniques To Score More Goals

4 Hockey Shooting Techniques To Score More Goals

In this article, we dive into 4 different shooting techniques that will help players score more goals.

The game of hockey continues to evolve. One way it has evolved in recent years is the way that players are shooting the puck and scoring goals. A wrist shot or a slapshot with a long windup are not as common as they use to be. Those two techniques still have their uses, but the greatest goalscorers on the planet are working on new techniques to put the puck in the back of the net.

The New

The New Website

A brief overview of the new

The team at IHS is proud to announce the unveiling of the updated website! If you have any questions or feedback for us, please contact us directly.

The goal of the new site is to make it easier for coaches all over the globe to access, organize, create and share hockey content with their team. Below is a brief rundown of the recent updates:

12 Small Area Games to Practice Decision Making

12 Small Area Hockey Games To Practice Decision Making

12 Small Area Games to Practice Decision Making

The talent of hockey players continues to rise. Players are quicker, faster and more skilled than ever before. However, one major training component that coaches often overlook is adding in activities that force players to practice their decision making. There is a big difference between hockey drills that require a pre-determined course of action and ones where the players are allowed to make all of the decisions.