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Small Area Games Hockey Drills

Middle Man - Small Area Game

Middle Man - Small Area Game

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5 Puck Breakaway Races (Cross-Ice)

The objective of this game is to score 5 goals before the other team scores 5 goals. To set up the game line up players along the blue line as shown in the diagram.

Neutral Zone 2 on 2

This is a basic 2 on 2 game that can be set up in the neutral zone. Split up the players into two teams and have them line up along the dots as shown.

Mirror Hockey Shootout

This is a small area game that your players will have fun with. It works on a defenseman shadowing a forward and the forward trying to break open for a mini breakaway.

Protect IT - Ice Hockey Drill

This small area game is all about protecting the puck. It gets a lot of players involved and can be run anywhere on with a face-off circle.

Split Passing Game - Ice Hockey Drill

This small area game requires good reads and quick passing. It will help with special teams on both sides of the puck.

Run Ragged Small Area Game

This is a small area game that has a 3 on 1 in a tight space. Quick precise passing and creativity are the key to scoring in this drill as the 1 defenseman runs ragged.

Sweet Heart Relay Scoring Race

This is a fun small area game for the end of practice that works on burying the puck in a relay race format.

Quarter Ice 3 vs. 3

This small area game will help your players get open in tight areas as 2 players from each team are stationary beside the net.

2 on 2 in Corner

This 2 on 2 drill is perfect for stations and gives your players the challenge to maneuver in tight spaces.

Hockey 2 on 2 on 2

This small area game has 3 teams battling 2 on 2. It requires 3 nets, but it a lot of fun.

3 on 3 with Bumpers

Good small area game that activates a third player from each team at the blue line.

Russian 3 on 3

This is a fun small area game that works on offense and defensive zone coverage in tight areas.

3 zone 3 puck drill

This is a fun game that involves 16 players at once. The coaches can put up to 3 pucks in play to make sure everyone is involved and there is a lot of communication.

Westminster 3 on 3

This is a fun 3 on 3 drill that involves "bumper" players in a king of the hill format. The new on the ice is always given the advantage to try to become the new king.

Center Ice 3 on 3

This is a unique way to play 3 on 3. It involves "bumper" players and promotes puck movement.

In Zone Special Teams Scimmage

This is a great full ice drill to work on both power play and special team set ups.

Amazing Scoring Race

This is a fun small area hockey game that works great at the end of practice as the two sides race to see who can score the most goals.

5 on 1 puck protection drill

This is a great drill for protecting the puck and getting open as the offense man has a 1 on 1 battle with the defense and 4 supporting "bumpers" that he can use to pass and get open.

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